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Who said renovation can alone rejuvenate your home? Simple painting with a pinch of creativity too, can give your house the new look you were longing for. Reinvent your house with us!

Once settled in a full-fledged house, it is difficult to take out time from our routine schedule for a simple thing as painting. Well, yes in actual terms painting a house isn’t simple. Shifting of all furniture, covering them with sheets, covering the floor, keeping an eye on painters whether they are doing the job right and the list goes on. And once the painting is done, the entire house has to be rearranged back to its original form. Well, the entire process is definitely tedious.

For an average 2BHK flat, it takes about a week by the time things are back to routine. A working couple who works for at least 5 days a week cannot afford taking leave from work this long just for painting their house. Our working systems don’t give people that leisure. Also, one cannot entrust the house with the painters for very obvious reasons that it was made with lot of care and attention; the painters might not care the same about things. But then despite all these issues the house has to get the new look you wanted for long.

Well, it’s time that you take a sigh of relief as we at Home Décor Pro have something special to offer. We are introducing the “Weekend Painting” wherein right from vacating a room to putting it back to its original form will done by our people and you will have your new room just in a weekend. You need not worry about your work schedule for painting your houses. Just book your weekends with us and we will give you the best services around. We know how important your house is for you, and don’t you worry, we will take utmost care of every little thing in your house. We promise to give you back your house the way it was only with fresh colors and textures!

It’s time to book Weekend Paintings at Home Décor Pro today!

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